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Update 3-1-16 (PACK)

What is Loadiine GX2?

Loadiine is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups and programs.
Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.
It's currently offline mode only, it doesn't allow you to play games online.
This homebrew is developed by @dimok, who worked on the previous loadiine version 2.0 to 4.0 too.
He was also the main developer of USBLoaderGX and WiiXplorer on Wii.


Loadiine GX2 is currently compatible with
WiiU v5.0.0, v5.1.0, v5.3.2 , v5.4.0
Untested (please report):
WiiU v4.0.0 , 4.1.0

Loadiine GX2 is released in Three different forms, each using a different launching method.

Since Loadiine v0.2 from 3-1-2016, loadiine can only be launched from the homebrew launcher.
You need to copy loadiine_gx2.elf on your SD card:

Download and extract the Homebrew launcher to your SD card too:

Launch the homebrew launcher from your favorite webhost exploit, or host the "www" folder on your private server.
The Elf file for the homebrew launcher is not compatible with the SD exploit method.
If you put the new elf on your SD card, you need the homebrew launcher on SD card too.
Do not use the loadiine web exploit URL anymore, use a launcher web exploit URL instead.

The online method uses a HTML exploit launching method, like Loadiine v4.
which will load loadiine payload (the program) from the network.
In that case, there's no download or installation needed, you have to use your WiiU browser and visit an URL to loadiine TWICE
Loadiine URL contains the needed kernel. run it the first time to patch the kernel, a second time to load loadiine.

The homebrew loader method allows you to launch Loadiine GX2 homebrew located on your SD card.
Download the Loadiine GX2 SD loader package
That package contains both the exploit needed to launch loadiine's elf, and the elf to put on SD card.
The SD homebrew loader will launch loadiine GX2 from:
Then launch Loadiine GX2 the same way than the online method : from your favorite exploit method
(URL or mp4) by hosting the files on a webserver.
This version will load the elf from SD card instead of loading it from the html payload.

Which advantage or differences?

The homebrew launcher method is what will be used from now on, and only this method will work.
You will have to install the homebrew launcher to run new releases of loadiine.

With the online method, you don't need to put the elf loader in your SD Card.
The SD loader method loads faster as you don't have to download the full binary from internet to launch loadiine GX2.

In both cases, you need a way to load an exploit (html or mp4) to patch the kernel
so you need a network connection or a local network server. There's no "offline" mode.
If you don't intend to update often, or are not a developer, you should prioritize the SD Loader method.

Folder structure

Loadiine Gx2 Folder Structure
Go Here

Save Games

Loadiine Gx2 Save Game Structure
Go Here

The XML files

A lot of games require the proper XML files to setup the memory correctly.
The app.xml and cos.xml files are located in the code folder.
If you don't have the files, please refer to the Compatibility list on the Wiki to see how to get them.
You can also use New NUS Grabber , U-Wizard and JNUSTool to get the files from
the update server (if the game has an update, no key is needed).


The settings file is automatically generated to this path:
Do not create that file manually, let loadiine do it on first launch.

Game Icons

The icons are used with the grid and circle design.
Icons are automatically generated by using the game's meta folder.
It contains the official game's background and icons.

Box Covers

The covers are used with the Cover Carousel design.
Box Cover Page

Theme folder

Loadiine GX2 lets you replace the internal resources to theme the loader and replace the pictures or sound.
Just put the files you want to replace in the resources folder and it will be loaded in memory instead of the included resources.

A list of resources filename can be found on github data folder.

Note about the background sound:
If you place the BG sound into the resources folder, it will be loaded in memory at launch.
You can tell loadiine to stream a file from SD card instead of loading it into memory by editing the BgMusicPath option in loadiine_gx2.cfg file.
The compatible format are mp3, ogg and wav.

Example : BgMusicPath=SD:/sounds/my_own_bg_sound.mp3

You want to Download Theme Packs Go Here

Debug method

Loadiine Gx2 Debug method
Go Here


Loadiine Gx2 Compiling Method
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