Box Covers

The covers are used with the Cover Carousel design.
Loadiine GX2 uses the 3D cover for the carousel, not the 2D Cover version.
But if you prefer the 2D version, you can download them and put the files in the covers3D folder.
3D Cover
2D Covers

The game box covers are located in a subfolder of the loadiine_gx2

Automatic download:

Loadiine can automatically download game covers from (added in v0.2 beta).
To download covers, you need the correct TitleID6 in your game path.
Press "+" on the gamepad to start the cover download.
After the download is completed, go to loadiine settings and exit to refresh the view.

Manual download:

You can manually download and copy the game covers on your SD card.
There are Full WiiU cover packs available, don't download them one by one if you have a lot of games. -> WiiU -> WiiU downloads -> Wii U Covers -> 3D covers ->
click on a flag to download the covers in that corresponding language.
Note that only the English pack contains all the covers.
If you download the French pack, and a cover is not present in french, it will not include the English cover.
Download EN pack first, then your language and merge the pack to get full available covers.
Full WiiU cover packs