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Gbatemp for Loadiine GX2
Dimok's GIT for Loadiine GX2


Update 3-06-16

What's New

Already done for next release (aka: commit available on github)
Work in progress (for next or near releases)
* Individual game settings - Done (Maschell)
* Individual game settings GUI menu - WIP (Maschell)
* Load game updates from a different folder - Done (Maschell)
* Option to save the savegame into each update folder - Done (Maschell)
* Automatic game launch at loadiine start - Done (Scuba156)
* Selected game memorized when returning to main menu - Done (FunThomas)

v0.2 public beta (2016-03-03)
* Added network functions
* Added file download functions
* Added game cover download from gametdb.com (press +)
* Added setting for covers3d path and region code (default EN, edit manually in cfg)
* Added a progress window GUI
* Fixed splatoon
* Added D-pad control support (Maschell)
* Added Wiimote, classic, classic pro, and WiiuPro controller support
* Added VPAD Left stick as alternative menu navigation (LittleBalup)
* Added game's title display on grid view (LittleBalup)
* Fixed few game selection and interface behavior (LittleBalup)
* Updated Loadiine to be launched from Homebrew Launcher (Online launching method can't be used anymore)
* Added support for 5.0.0 and 5.1.0 (Z0mb3)

v0.1 public beta (2016-02-06)
* First release.
* Based on Loadiine 4.0
* Added a Graphical User Interface using the WiiU GX2 engine.
* Added sound support.
* Added TV display support.
* Added touchscreen support.
* Multiple interface design available (icon carousel (circle), Grid, Cover Carousel).
They can be swapped and selected independently for TV or gamepad in the settings.
* Added easy support for different WiiU versions. (Requires function's addresses for each wiiu versions.
Only 5.3.2 and 5.4.0 are supported in this release)
* Added support to edit default game path and save path.
* Added support for Save mode (Shared or Unique)
* Added support for theme/resources replacement.