Loadiine Gx2 - A WiiU SD Loader with GX2 GUI
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Debug method

Loadiine can log activity to find issues and help the developers fix them.
There are two different logging methods: TCP and UDP.

TCP server: The Loadiine TCP server is used to track the list of files accessed by the games in real time.
To enable this server, go to the settings > game > log server.
You can specify the log server's IP in loadiine settings > game > server IP.

Note: If the log server option is enabled but you didn't launch the server on your computer,
game launching will be delayed by few seconds until the connection times out.

UDP server: The UDP debug server is used to tracks debug messages from loadiineGX (not from the game).
It displays loadiine user's option and game's settings before launching a game. It's used to verify if loadiine
is setting the correction memory region, game path, save path, etc.

There's no internal option to set the UDP server's IP. You can add the "DebugLoggerIP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
option in the loadiine_gx2.cfg file to set your computer's IP.
The UDP server is always enabled and sending data to the server. It doesn't slow down the game launching process.