Folder structure

The default game path is SD:/wiiu/games/
It can be changed by editing the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in a text editor.

The game folder format is Game's Title [TitleID6]/
Example with the game "Super Mario Maker USA":
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/

Attention: Loadiine GX2 requires the game's title AND the TitleID to be present in the folder name.
The game's title is the one displayed in loadiine.
The TitleID is used to automatically download the corresponding cover from and load it from SD card.
If the titleID is not present, the game box will have no cover.

The titleID can be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID6.

product_code type="string" length="32">WUP-P-AMAE
company_code type="string" length="8">0001
[AMAE01] can also be used to find the TitleID6.

Inside your game's folder, copy the 3 game's extracted folders : content, code and meta folder.
You should now have this:


Update Folder Structure

A new loadiine version (v0.2) is in preparation which will allow you to keep
your game's folder clean and install updates or mods in different folders.
It will also allow you to keep multiple updates or game mods and select the one you want to launch.
Create a folder named "updates" in your game's folder.
Create a new folder for each update version, for example:
mario kart 8 [AMKP01]/updates/v16/
mario kart 8 [AMKP01]/updates/v64/
and copy the corresponding code/content/meta folders inside.

Note: when this new loadiine will be released,
JNUSTool will be updated in order to download updates in its respective folder to match the required layout.